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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Great Blog on Teaching English to Young Learners of English

This blog belongs to a colleague of mine. Her name is Nina Kisin.
She is a private school teacher.
Regarding the blog, I must say the posts are extremely useful and interesting. The blog offers ready-to-use materials.
Nina, if only I had known about the posts back at the time I was substitute teaching first- to fourth-graders...
Still, at least I now have some great ideas and tips for future reference.
If you are working with young learners and you have been running out of ideas, I suggest you take a look at the blog:

Dear followers,
Have a successful week at work (or whatever that is you are occupied with at the moment) and please feel free to post comments on the blog, and especially to share useful ideas, links, personal experiences, etc.

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